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Cadence Weapon tonight at CMF

Cadence Weapon just returned from 4 ON FIRE SXSW shows where he previewed the new album live. See him tear it up with Saul Williams and Spoek Mathambo this Friday night at Canadian Music Fest…

Jagermeister + Union Events Presents:
Saul Williams w/ Spoek Mathambo, Cadence Weapon
The Great Hall
Friday March 23, 2012 @ 9:00PM
1087 Queen Street West
19+ All Canadian Music Fest wristbands accepted

Check out NOW Magazine’s show preview here

Cadence Weapon SXSW Recap
Another SXSW flashes by! Tough to keep in touch in real time… so for those who weren’t with us in Austin, here’s the rundown!

Cadence kicks off the festival at the inaugural ESCAPES PARTY at Club 1808.
Check soon for Cadence Weapon interview with Matt Schichter and live footage from this hype performance

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Cadence Weapon performing at M for Montreal/Bumbershoot Showcase at the Spill
Pop Matters show review. 

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Cadence Weapon broadcasting live on CBC Radio 3 from the Canada House balcony
View more photos here.

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Cadence Weapon commands the crowd from his chair!
At the “I Guess I’m Floating”/Ultra8521/Small Plates Party
Check out his interview with AUX TV just prior to the show

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Cadence Weapon takes over after DJ CO-OP jumps the railing into the swimming pool, abandoning the decks.
image description
Cadence Weapon gets interviewed by the lovely Karen Civil from Beats by Dre at The Fader Fort
Special thanks to The Fader, Beats by Dre, and Converse for your hospitality!

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Closing SXSW with a major blowout; literally…as Main Attracktionz blows the house speakers before Cadence Weapon takes the stage at Brooklyn Vegan’s Hip Hop party that included stellar performances by Fat Tony and Rittz
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Cadence performs new track ‘Get On Down’ (produced by Doldrums)
from his forthcoming album ‘Hope in Dirt City’ with Doldrums Saturday Night at the Spill
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2012 SXSW that’s a wrap!

Cadence Weapon Hope in Dirt City

Cadence Weapon continues to firmly establish his legacy as a sonic pioneer while constantly pushing the rap and electronic music envelope. Following his critically acclaimed, Polaris Music Prize nominated albums Breaking Kayfabe and Afterparty Babies and a two-year term as Edmonton’s Poet Laureate, he returns with his new album “Hope In Dirt City” this Spring. A clearly defined and emotionally mature statement of intent, “Hope In Dirt City” represents the culmination of these experiences. Composed of a unique hybrid of psychedelic soul, old school rap, IDM and mutant disco, "Hope In Dirt City" is a ground-breaking achievement in hip-hop. Cadence Weapon has returned to bring rap back to its essence


Stream or Download new track ’88 (prod. Grimes) here

 “Erstwhile poet laureate and current purveyor of the shortest, most balling-est homage to hip-hop we’ve heard this year” RCRD LBL

“Cadence Weapon has always sought to be ahead of the game, making prominent use of electronic producers at a time when hip hop seems largely caught in a form of aesthetic stasis.” CLASH MUSIC






Stream or Download ‘Loft Party’ here

“f**king hot stuff! glad to see you’ve stayed to your own original style after all these years” Fan on Soundcloud

“Any other rappers out there using "prorogue"? Another gem” Montreal Gazette









Check out RCRD LBL playlist here

Follow @cadenceweapon on Twitter for SXSW secret after party details, new music and dates

Cadence Weapon returns to Canada to tear it up with Saul Williams and Spoek Mathambo. Turning into one of the hypest shows at Canadian Music Fest…. Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment later.

Jagermeister + Union Events Present:
Saul Williams w/ Spoek Mathambo, Cadence Weapon
The Great Hall
Friday March 23, 2012 @ 9:00PM
1087 Queen Street West
19+ All Canadian Music Fest wristbands accepted

CADENCE WEAPON LIVE (watch for more dates):
March 14 | Austin, TX | CLUB 1808 | Escapes Party - SXSW
March 14 | Austin, TX | The Spill | M for Montreal Showcase - SXSW
March 15 | Austin, TX | Lovejoys | IGIF, Ultra8201, Small Plates Party - SXSW
March 17 | Austin, TX | Hotel Vegas | Brooklyn Vegan Party - SXSW
March 23 | Toronto, ON | The Great Hall | Canadian Music Fest w/ Saul Williams & Spoek Mathambo
April 11 | Guelph, ON | Kazoo Fest
April 21 | St John’s, NL | Lawnya Vawnya

Cadence Weapon celebrates '88

 Cadence Weapon celebrates his birthday and Grimes new record release by tweeting out a new joint:


Flying V Productions presents two nights with Cadence Weapon at The Grad Club, Kingston Friday and Saturday night, where he will unveil cuts from his upcoming record "Roquentin"

Friday January 27th
Saturday January 28th
The Grad Club
162 Barrie St KINGSTON
$15/night, Doors at 9

Advance tickets available at The Grad Club, Tricolour Outlet, and


Cadence Weapon has remixed Rah Rah's "What About Love" for their new collection of reworkings "Rahmixes".  The album was released this month and also features remixes by Rich Kidd and Nghtblnd. Check out Cadence's remix right here


M For Montreal Festival is next week and we're thrilled to announce Cadence Weapon is throwing down for the SXSW/EXCLAIM/BSTB Showcase with a live set.  Cadence plays La Sala Rossa on November 17 with Young Empires, and Mr Weapon will be previewing what's to come on his new album ROQUENTIN, coming this spring right here on Upper Class. Don't miss this special set, with Montreal's Flow Child joining the Cadence Weapon live explosion.

Tickets at Blue Skies Turn Black


The hot single "Roll With The Winners" from Hervé's new album features Cadence Weapon, and today the Roll With The Winners Remix EP has launched on Beatport.  The Mane Thing remix is superb. Check it out!

And here's the original version of Hervé + A-Trak + Cadence Weapon "Roll With The Winners" 

Cadence Weapon's remix of Grimes "Crystal Ball" is out now! The remix appears on a 12" called Darkbloom, a Grimes/d'Eon split release.

Free download of the mp3 at Brooklyn Vegan!

Cadence Weapon aka Rollie Pemberton has curated the newest Artist Series Podcast for CBC Radio 3. Listen here and join Cadence as he jams tunes from Mozart's Sister, Purity Ring, Makeout Videotape, Colin Stetson, Sean Nicholas Savage, Grimes, Blue Hawaii, d'Eon and Miracle Fortress.

Download Cadence Weapon's Tron Legacy: The Mixtape release for any price you deem worthy!